All Natural Acne Oils
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    Welcome to Skin Care Plush

    Welcome to Skin Care Plush! I am Nimrit Doad the CEO and founder. I am an entrepreneur businesswoman attending the University of South Florida, studying Biology with a Medical Concentration. I plan to go to medical school and become a practicing dermatologist. I make all the oils sold here and I have been experimenting for almost 2 years before creating this business. I started when I was 13-years-old, I had terrible acne and very sensitive skin so most of the products I tried only irritated and made my skin worse. Instead of trying more products that could, and probably would, harm my skin I thought “why don’t I make my own?” I didn’t have access to the chemicals they use in acne treatment soaps and creams but after reading the damage those chemicals can do, I decided to go all-natural. After about 6 months of trial and error, I found the right combination of all-natural oils that wor

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